De-Bagger Semi-Automatic (Single Width)

The Isoma semi-automatic De-Bagger has set the industry standard for de-bagging machines, which for many years other companies have tried without success to better. With it's high quality, solid construction and relatively simple design, the Isoma semi-automatic de-bagger offers unrivalled long lasting reliability & high speed. Isoma believe and their customers often tell them, that their semi-automatic de-bagging machines are the best currently available on the market.

Developed using many years of empty bottle handling experience the Isoma semi-automatic de-bagger was designed to enable one good operator to keep pace with the speed of a typical bottle filling machine. The semi-automatic de-bagger can be used to efficiently index rectangular or square based bottles/containers at speeds of upto 34 indexes per minute onto a single lane conveyor.

Each Isoma semi automatic de-bagging machine is PLC controlled, offers easy side width and pack length adjustment for many different pack and bottle sizes. The bottles are indexed and gapped onto either an existing low-level conveyor or they can be elevated to a high-level conveyor using an Isoma elevator attached to the immediate outfeed of the de-bagging machine. The semi-automatic de-bagger has footprint dimensions of approximately 4.4m x 1.3m and offers continuous flat belt pack accumulations, because the machine does not need to be stopped when a new pack is introduced onto the accumulation belt.

The Isoma semi-automatic de-bagger comes complete with de-bagging table and either a manual or auto pack indexing mechanism, but it should be noted that the unit is not supplied as standard with any outfeed conveyor to allow bottles to be taken away from the debagger, nor is the unit fitted with any automatic bag cutting devices. Isoma also offer twisted bottle detection & vacuum conveyor for the immediate oufeed of the de-bagger to help keep upright some of the more unstable types of bottles that are commonly in use today. Isoma also offer the option of a filtered air blower which considerably reduces the wasteage from damaged bottles/containers. There are currently over 60 Isoma semi-automatic de-bagging machines in use on various sites around the UK and even the earliest models which were built in the early 1990's are still running today, problem free. For high speed applications please take a look at the Isoma dual width high speed de-bagging machine.
SCAIsoma is an accredited SAFEContractor company

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