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Workplace health and safety has long been an issue of great importance for companies, their HR departments and the government. Across the UK, 25,000 people per year leave the workforce never to return due to an injury suffered at work, and an average of a further 20 people per week are killed at work, mainly due to poor health and safety practices.

In an effort to reduce such figures, the government has implemented stringent health and safety procedures and training. The latest government directive is set to highlight once again the necessity for rigorous health and safety practices.

Isoma has always ensured safe working conditions and practices. By taking on board the new government directives for increased levels of health and safety training in the workplace, Isoma continue to prove their commitment to a safer working environment. Isoma's new health and safety training scheme sets out to "inspire and stimulate people, and get them engaged with health and safety".

Isoma have employed the expertise of the Institute of Occupational Health and Safety's 'Working Safely' team to teach all delegates the essentials of health and safety, and to provide them with a thorough understanding of why they must 'work safely'.

The courses Isoma provide to their staff not only surpass the government's guidelines for introductory health and safety training, but also are a 100 per cent match to the Health & Safety Executives 'passport' syllabus. The passport syllabus covers aspects of health and safety such as: the possible risks employees face in the workplace, hazards that workers can cause for their colleagues, how to identify relevant hazards and risks and how to follow a safe system of work.

Isoma's health and safety course also focuses on how individuals can make a difference to the well being of both themselves and their colleagues. The course takes place at Isoma's Midlands site, and teaches staff how to work in a manner that may not be a great deal different to their existing work practices, but may make the difference between working safely and having or causing accidents. As the one-day training is conducted at the workplace, minimal disruption is caused to the day-to-day functioning of the company.

Scenarios are drawn from genuine work examples, showing just how easy it is to cause an accident, and also how simple it would have been to change a working practice, therefore preventing that accident. With such a wide variety of staff and individual expertise within the company, it is fundamental that all employees are aware of the same risks and dangers faced by not following health and safety procedures.

Isoma's health and safety training package contains introductions to working safely, definitions of different hazards and risks in each department, identifications of common hazards and methods of ways in which to improve safety performances. Backed up by a state-of-the-art presentation, learning is made interesting which ensures the crucial health and safety messages are taken on board.

Isoma not only provide their staff with sufficient health and safety training, but through completing a written and practical assessment, employees obtain a qualification that is recognised throughout the country.

With 26 years of machine building experience, Isoma are renowned for their commitment to development in design and to the build quality of their machinery. By adding the personal development of their staff to their remit, Isoma have shown their continual commitment to investment within their own workforce.
SCAIsoma is an accredited SAFEContractor company

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