Slat Conveyor

The Isoma slat conveyor body is made from 2.5mm thick stainless steel and comes in standard 2.4 metre lengths. It's supported by sturdy, fully welded legs which are made from 50x50x2mm stainless steel box section with easily adjustable feet.

Isoma offer various types of guide rails to suit many different container shapes and sizes, including fixed width, manually adjustable & Isoma's unique pneumatically adjustable guide rail system.

The standard Isoma slat chain width is 3.25" (82.55mm), although other sizes are readily available to suit your product requirements. It's available with bends of a standard 610mm center line radius, but where installation space is minimal, 500mm, 295mm & 225mm radius bends can be supplied. Other custom sizes can be manufactured on request.

The wide fitting, apex style roof dust cover, provides excellent protection and helps to make Isoma slat conveyor one of the toughest and best around. All drives are flange mounted motor/gearbox units, complete with flexible drive shaft couplings, making removal easier for maintenance purposes.
SCAIsoma is an accredited SAFEContractor company

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