Vision Inspection / Rejection

"Saleable product integrity" is the buzzword and will be for the foreseeable future. Correct cap/lid/closure, colour, label alignment, high lid, no lid, no tamper evident band, over weight, under weight, tilted cap, incorrect/uneven fill level, correct sell by date code, correct bar code and many more integrity issues are of paramount importance to you and your customers. If only product integrity problems could be alleviated to ensure your customers received guaranteed saleable products.

Isoma have developed a high-speed container reject system, which incorporates the latest digital full colour video imaging techniques. This system can detect visual abnormalities to the finest of detail, using a high resolution video camera to take a snap shot picture of each product passing by at full line speed.

If the video image does not meet with the preset acceptance criteria the product is rejected "on line" from the system. The pre-set acceptance criteria can include correct colour on any part of the container, parallel cap, label, fill level alignment all in one snap shot, to tolerances undetectable by the naked eye. In fact the system is limitless. If you can think of any visual reason why a container or product should be rejected from the system, Isoma will undoubtedly be able to detect it and reject it.

This reject unit can be interfaced with any existing production line inspection or quality guarantee system, such as barcode readers, scanners, weigh stations/weigh fillers. Therefore if the quality problem is not of a visual nature, the container can still be rejected by interface with the Isoma reject station.

One age old problem with high or tilted cap/lid/closure is the tolerance in container height. Whilst fibre optic sensors can accurately detect a fixed preset container height, these systems cannot take into account varying tolerances in the container height. Well the Isoma video imagery system can do just that with it's self adjusting snap shot. If the video camera is set up to check the exact dimension from a datum container neck ring to top of cap/lid/closure. The snap shot will self adjust according to the neck ring position regardless of the overall container height.

Reject System Specifications

Operating Voltage: 240v AC 50Hz Single Phase - 16 Amp.
Air Requirement: 5 Bar constant.
I.P. Rating: All items minimum IP65.
Operational Speed: Up to 400 containers per minute.
SCAIsoma is an accredited SAFEContractor company

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