Plant & Line Simulation Modelling

Screenshot of accurate real-time simulation

How can I improve efficiency?
How efficient is my production line?
How long does a conveyor section need to be?
How much accumulation do I require?
How long will it take to complete a production schedule?

If you need answers to these questions and more, then perhaps one solution would be to invest in Isoma's Simulation Model.

Using our 26 years of experience and knowledge of how a production line should run efficiently, we have developed an accurate real-time production line simulation model, which adheres to the specific requirements of the food & drink manufacturing industries.

Our tried and tested system takes into account every aspect of a production line, for instance...'mean time between failure' figures (MBTF), 'mean time to repair' figures (MTTR), machine efficiencies, conveyor lengths & speeds, even personnel levels. All these figures can be actual production line data or theoretical values for trial purposes. MTBF and MTTR times are randomised during a simulation run to reflect more of a 'real world' scenario. Machine availability & downtime can also be accounted for, for example product change-over times, label changes, container size changes etc. With all of this actual data, the simulation model can be run in real-time or at any speed, to simulate a day's production run in just 5 minutes. Production schedules can also be incorporated, based on a spreadsheet, this can be imported into the model and run.

The graphics in the model can be customised to show an accurate representation of individual plant & conveyor system layout. During a simulation run, specific information, like line speed, container count & personnel movement is constantly updated, so you can visually see the progression of the model. A simulation clock is also displayed, to give you a visual check of the model's running speed and production time status. The system also incorporates a clever colour coding system, which indicates the status of each individual piece of plant/machinery...running, waiting, stopped, breakdown or size change. This colour coding system then relates to a pie chart, displayed on the screen during the simulation run, to give you a more visual result of progress and efficiency.

Each time the simulation is run, the data is collated and with a click of a button, transferred into a spreadsheet, where the results can be viewed (see image no.3 below), analysed and saved for future reference. Also displayed in the spreadsheet is a 'timeline' (see image no.4 below), which utilises the colour coding system described above and this gives you an event history, to help determine the cause and effect of any down-times or stoppages that might have occurred.

Once the simulation model has been built to your specific requirements, various scenarios can be run in order to create the most efficient and cost effective system, taking into account every aspect of the production line. From the simulation results it becomes clear and easy to calculate if an investment in new or duplicate machinery is warranted. Or if MTBF and MTTR figures in the model, add hours onto the production day, it could be determined that either additional or replacement machinery is required to create a more efficient production run. Improved efficiency equates to a reduced production time and the daily output could be completed within an 8 hour shift instead of 10 hours, if an investment is made on more reliable and faster machinery, pay-back for this kind of capital investment can be categorically proven with our custom simulation model.

If you invest in our simulation package, what you get is a tailor-made model to suit your production environment, one or multiple production lines if required. On completion you would get a run-time version of the simulation software, a template spreadsheet for set-up & results analysis, a template spreadsheet for production schedules and of course full training. This would then enable you to run, analyse and save as many scenarios as you like.

A demonstration at our offices can be arranged.
For further information and to discuss your specific requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us.
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