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Automatic Bypass Conveyor

This project required an automatic bypass conveyor to route the product, on certain batches, around a machine which was already on the line and could not be relocated.

Space was limited on the line, so Isoma designed the conveyor to lift the product over the top of the existing packaging machine before lowering and releasing onto the outfeed conveyor.

The transported product was delicate, therefore required to be handled with care. A soft flight chain was chosen to lightly grip the product without causing damage.

Product sizes were different, so the container side grip system needed to be width adjustable. To make sure this width adjustment was parallel all along the length of the bypass, ninety degree pinion gears and connecting rods were used for accuracy.

Before this bypass conveyor was installed, the operators had to make many mechanical adjustments to run particular batches on the line. Now, changeovers are completed on the HMI, drastically reducing the time between batch size changes from minutes to seconds.

Manufacturing Video

Isoma YouTube Channel

Installation Video

Isoma YouTube Channel
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