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Container Turner

The Isoma container turner provides an effective means for efficiently rotating product containers through 180 degrees before they enter an automatic packing machine. Several of Isoma's UK dairy customers have found the Isoma container turner to be the ideal solution for rotating their full bottles so that the labels face the correct way when they are finally on display in the supermarket.

Due to the twin outfeed from the turner unit it's possible to turn all of the containers at very high speed without reducing the line efficiency or slowing down the filler speed. The containers are fed into the turner on a single track conveyor, then divided into two lanes and fed back into the original single track with no effect on the line efficiency whatsoever.

Many of Isoma's competitors turning machines tend to reduce the speed at which a production line can be run, but Isoma are confident that their container turning machine can run as fast as any filling machine on the market today. The container turning machine is PLC controlled with an interlocked guard door safety system and comes complete with pneumatically adjustable guide rails, which can be changed either by means of a product selection switch or on receipt of an external product code signal.

The turner unit is built within a fully welded, sturdy and very well guarded stainless steel framework. The base of the unit is shrouded in polished stainless steel sheeting to a satin finish and all access doors and end panels are covered with scratch resistant polycarbonate sheeting. With proper use, the Isoma container turner will give you years of trouble free service, with only minimal maintenance required.

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