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Crate Stacker

The ISOMA crate stacker unit is a new bespoke design & build, with the purpose of automatically stacking crates six-high.

This unit sits at the end of an `ISOMA manufactured’ bottle filling line. Our customer was looking to improve production efficiency, whilst eliminating any issues with manual handling of these heavy crates.

Operation: Crates are fed single file into the ISOMA crate stacking machine, where an indexing lift arrangement is used to engage and lift the crate, whilst another crate moves into position below it. This process is repeated until six crates are vertically stacked, after which a separate head unit then lifts and indexes the whole stack along the machine, placing it onto floor level, where a light-guard system is used to enable the operator to then safely remove the stack of crates from the machine.

The ISOMA crate stacker unit is controlled via a locally mounted operator panel. The machine is manufactured as a fully welded stainless steel construction and is designed for a wash down environment, with safety interlocked clear polycarbonate maintenance access doors for maximum operator visibility.

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