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De-Bagging Machines

Since Isoma designed their first semi-automatic de-bagging machine back in the early 1990's they have continually developed and improved the machine, utilising their ever increasing knowledge & experience in the best methods for empty bottle handling. With the introduction of the latest high speed filling machines however, Isoma felt it necessary to do a complete redesign of their semi-automatic de-bagger in order to keep one step ahead of the competition and to allow them to continue offering customers a de-bagging machine capable of working efficiently at the highest speeds. Isoma believe that as a result of extensive development they have produced the best and fastest machine of its type on the market today...the dual width high speed de-bagger.

Whilst retaining some of the best features of the semi automatic de-bagging machine the new Isoma high speed de-bagger has a host of improvements which enable it to run reliably at much faster speeds, far in excess of any filling machine Isoma know of in the UK dairy industry. Isoma currently have 8 of their dual width, high speed de-bagging machines installed at state of the art dairies within the UK. Both Isoma and their customers are very pleased with the performance and reliability of the high speed de-baggers, over 8 years of round the clock production have proved this machine's capabilities beyond any doubt.

The prototype Isoma high speed de-bagger needed two operators to run efficiently at full speed but it could also be run effectively with only a single operator at a reduced output. The Isoma high speed de-bagging machine has since been upgraded to incorporate an auto-indexing feature which allows the pack carriage to navigate automatically. Once the bag has been removed, with a single press of a button the carriage will move into position and track the last row of bottles. When the carriage is in position to release the bottles, the pack gate is then lifted automatically and the carriage returns home for the next pack of bottles. The Isoma high speed de-bagger can be used to efficiently index rectangular or square based bottles/containers at very high speeds onto a single lane conveyor and also has an optional upgrade to incorporate twisted bottle detection on the immediate outfeed of the machine. The outfeed conveyor of the high speed de-bagger can also be modified to include vacuum suction to help with the stability of containers when running at extreme speeds.

Each Isoma high speed de-bagging machine is PLC controlled and offers easy side width and pack length adjustment for many different pack and bottle sizes. The bottles are indexed and gapped onto either an existing low-level conveyor or they can be elevated to a high-level conveyor using an Isoma elevator attached to the immediate outfeed of the high speed de-bagging machine. The dual width de-bagger has footprint dimensions of approximately 4.4m x 2.6m and offers continuous flat belt pack accumulations, because the machine does not need to be stopped when a new pack of bottles is introduced onto the accumulation belt.

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