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I.H.S Mounting Frame

The Isoma I.H.S (Induction Heat Sealer) mounting frame is designed to mount the Enercon induction heat sealer unit, with the added function of being fully height adjustable, in order to accommodate different container sizes.

The induction heat sealing unit requires steady and precise height location, in order to effectively seal the foil cap on a container, running on the conveyor system underneath.  Our frame is designed with a very rigid self-standing four post design, which also bolts to the conveyor body, to hold a precise consistent location, perfect for the tolerances demanded by the induction heat sealing process.  By achieving this, container rejection and wastage is kept to a minimum.

The Isoma I.H.S Mounting Frame is available in either manual or automatic height adjustment options.  The manual option simply has a hand wheel to adjust the height.  The automatic option has a motorised height adjustment system, concealed in the  fully enclosed hood of the frame.  This can be controlled locally with a switch panel, or connected to the line automation system, so when a product size change occurs, the frame height adjusts automatically.

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