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Lane Divider

Isoma offers a full range of lane dividers to suit any application, from a simple 1 into 2 lane divider using a manually operated gate, right  up to the 1 into 6 dynamic lane divider unit.

​Our smallest automatic 1 into 2 lane divider has a pneumatically operated gate, and can be fitted with an integral brake unit assembly which momentarily holds the containers back as the gate changes position. This results in a simple and efficient operation which is perfectly suited to the lane dividing system on our Trolley Packer infeed conveyors. 

​The larger dynamic lane divider diverts containers from a single lane infeed into multiple conveyor lanes, and utilises an extending arm on the divider gate assembly which extends forward in sync’ with the conveyor line speed, gently manoeuvring the containers across to the required lane negating the need  to clamp and stop the containers prior to changing lane.

​The quantity of outfeed lanes on the dynamic divider unit can be adapted to suit your specific requirements.

​All Isoma lane divider units can be fitted with standard fixed width guide rails, or they can be specified to be complete with a manual, or fully automatic guide rail width adjustment system to accommodate different container sizes.

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