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Miniature Slat Conveyor

Miniature or mini-slat conveyors are an interesting development from Isoma, with an overall conveyor body width of only 50mm, and using 1.25" (32mm) wide acetal slat chain, it forms an attractive and efficient conveyor system ideally suited to the movement of small or light weight containers.

The Isoma mini-slat conveyor when fitted with appropriate guide rails is also perfectly suited for use on much bigger and wider light weight empty container handling systems, where the environment is usually dry, and it is particularly well suited to high level overhead systems. 

All the features of standard 3.25" slat conveyor have been incorporated into the design of the mini-slat conveyor system including chicane type drive to idler overlapped changeovers, shaft mounted drive motors and bends typically ranging from  295mm to 1000mm centre line radius.

It can also be supplied with fully welded wide fitting St. St. apex type dust covers which provide excellent protection to open topped, empty containers.

One particular cost saving feature of the Isoma mini-slat conveyor system is that one 0.37KW motor can efficiently drive up to 14 metres of conveyor and therefore power consumption can be reduced, along with control panel space saving, due to the use of smaller inverters.

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