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Roller Bank Mixer

The Isoma roller bank mixer unit was designed & built to customer specifications, with the purpose of rolling/mixing cylindrical containers and their contents, for a preset rotational speed & duration. Each bank of rollers had a width adjustment system to cope with a variety of different container sizes.

Three banks of vertically stacked twin rollers, each independently controlled via an easy to use HMI control panel, are housed within a fully enclosed cabinet.  Manufactured in a fully welded stainless steel construction, with safety interlocked clear Perspex doors.


The electrical control system was integrally mounted in a separate isolated section of the cabinet, sealed off from the roller banks.


The three roller drive motors were mounted externally in a sound insulated cover, for ease of maintenance and inspection.


A removable debris catchment tray system was also built into the base of the cabinet, making the cleaning of spillages quicker and easier.

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