Rotary Packing Table

Isoma rotary packing tables increase the accumulation capacity of filler outfeed conveyors and are manufactured in stainless steel to a very high standard. Our packing tables are available in either a 1.5 metre or a 1 metre diameter table top which is made from solid 10mm thick stainless steel plate.

Isoma packing tables are mounted on 6 self-levelling adjustable feet and are powered by a fixed speed 4.7 RPM motor/gearbox. Our rotary packing tables can be made with either left or right hand rotation and are extremely well engineered. They are designed to take the day-to-day knocks and bumps that occur at the end of any production line.

As well as a rigid box section framework the Isoma rotary packing table has a 100mm x 12mm circumference skirt ring around the table top and all of the guide rails around the edge of the table are supported with welded stainless steel brackets.

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