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Sachet De-Stacker

The Isoma sachet de-stacker unit was designed & built from scratch, to customer specifications, with the purpose of placing individual sachets of powder onto the customer’s existing conveyor belt.  As part of the remit, we had to minimise loading time, so a special magazine type loading system was developed.

Stacks of sachets are manually loaded into a purpose built magazine. Up to four of these magazines can be loaded into the de-stacker unit at any one time and with a push of a button the individual sachet packets are automatically fed from the magazines, onto the conveyor system.  As each magazine empties, it automatically indexes along to the next full magazine and continues the sachet de-stacking process.  A vacuum suction cup, picks & places each sachet onto the conveyor belt, using a pneumatic cylinder, mounted on a linear belt driven assembly. 

A portable caddy holds six magazines, which the operator comfortably loads up with sachet packets, in preparation for a production run, this method also allows for a quick magazine reload when the de-stacker unit is empty.

The de-stacker unit is controlled via a locally mounted push-button operator panel. Manufactured in a fully welded stainless steel construction, with safety interlocked clear polycarbonate doors. The electrical control panel is housed integrally within the de-stacker unit.

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