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Slat Conveyor

The Isoma slat conveyor body is made from 2.5mm thick Stainless Steel and comes as standard in 2.4 metre lengths, it's usually supported by sturdy, fully welded 50x50x2mm Stainless Steel box section legs which are fitted with easily adjustable feet.

As standard our slat conveyor is manufactured to suit a chain width of 3.25 inches (82.55mm), and bends come with a centre line radius of 610mm, however all of our slat conveyor is manufactured in house and this gives us the flexibility to adapt the standard width, and increase or reduce the bend radius to suit your specific product requirements, or to help with any space restrictions you may have.

To accommodate the multitude of containers in use across different industries Isoma offers various standard guide rail systems including fixed width, manually adjustable, and our well proven pneumatically adjustable guide rail system, we can also adapt these standards to suit most unusual container shapes and sizes.

We offer a wide fitting, fully welded St. St. apex style dust cover which gives excellent protection to open top, empty containers and the conveyor can also be fitted with a fully welded St. St. drip tray system, complete with drain pipes at strategic positions to suit individual site requirements.

We also offer the option for a fully enclosed/sealed HEPA filter slat conveyor, with full height access doors that feature poly-carbonate windows and gasket sealed edges.  All cables and pipework that enter the enclosure have a gland seal for maximum integrity.  Drive motors are externally mounted for maintenance access.  Guide rails can be fixed width or pneumatically adjustable to accommodate a wide product size range.

Fully Enclosed/Sealed HEPA Filter Slat Conveyor

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