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Trolley Packer

Available as a single or dual module, to best suit the space available and required trolley packing speeds.

Efficient - We offer a new principle in trolley packing technology, grouping packer modules to operate as a collective sharing the load. This results in a more moderate machine running speed and therefore reduced maintenance service schedule.

Size - A small footprint with the ability to group packer modules together, two packing modules are designed to fit into the same space as a single conventional packer.

Trolley Loading - Trolleys can be loaded automatically from a handling system above (available as an option), or manually introduced via the ramp at the front of the machine.

Flexibility - Can be installed in many formats, as a dual machine for slower filling applications or as a multiple packer system for high speed filling lines.

High Availability - When installed in multiples for high speed systems, the high availability of packer capacity helps to minimise any downtime caused by packer micro stoppages. The remaining available packers are able to compensate for any such micro stoppages and therefore achieve unparalleled packaging efficiencies.

Automatic Shelf Closure - No need for operators to spend time pushing down the divider shelves. With the trolley door securely latched open, shelves are automatically closed during the loading process.

Construction - Fully welded 304 stainless steel rigid frame construction throughout, with minimal plastic components being used. Sensors and reed switches are all rated at IP67, with electrical cables being routed using the Isoma generic fully sealed stainless steel conduit system between the control panels and all field hardware.

Tolerance - Our trolley packer has a tried and tested ability to handle a wide variety of roll cage designs and can cope with levels of wear & tear, that usually jam-up and stop conventional packers.

Maintenance - Every Isoma Dual Trolley packer consists of two mechanically isolated units, with a service tunnel separating the two modules, this allows one module to be shut down and maintained whilst the other continues to operate, therefore keeping the line running and avoiding costly downtime.

Safety - A light guard curtain and localised emergency stop system ensures a high standard of operator safety. 

Hygiene - A C.I.P (clean-in-place) option is available, for a complete internal wash-down. All electrical panels are located above the main body of the packer, avoiding any fluid contamination and subsequent risk of electrical faults.

C.I.P Internal Wash-down

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