Cap Elevator

The Isoma Cap Elevator is used for transporting container caps from operator/floor level to a high level capping bowl on a typical production line filling machine. The flexible design and manufacturing methods at Isoma mean they can build their cap elevators to suit your individual requirements.

Isoma offer either a single feed cap elevator, or if two cap hoppers are in use on a filling machine, they also offer an automated twin feed cap elevation system. The Isoma cap elevator is PLC controlled, interfaced with a cap hopper fill level sensor and is manufactured to the highest standards in food grade stainless steel, with removable side panels for easy maintenance access.

Each Isoma cap elevator has it's own independently powered elevation conveyor with food quality flighted belt as standard and includes an inverter driven motor/gearbox unit. The framework of the cap elevator is manufactured from fully welded stainless steel box section and is guarded using polished stainless steel sheeting to a satin finish.

The complete spine of the Isoma cap elevator is also covered with a full 8mm thick scratch resistant polycarbonate dust cover so that the caps remain clearly visible to the filling machine operator until they enter the cap hopper. The hopper at the base of the cap elevator also incorporates an interlocked guard door safety system which isolates the machine upon opening.

The clear advantage of using a cap elevation system is that there's no need for a platform or ladder to reach the capping bowl which is usually situated high up on a filling machine. This leaves more workspace at floor level and also reduces the risk of accidents through over-reaching/falling etc.
SCAIsoma is an accredited SAFEContractor company

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