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Accumulation Table 

In 2001 Isoma developed their unique 17 lane Accumulation Table. These low maintenance, fully automated accumulation tables comprise of 17 individually driven lanes of accumulation conveyor which automatically store full bottles in the event of a problem at the packing end of a production line.

During normal running the bottles simply pass through the accumulation tables but in the event of a buildback situation the Isoma accumulation table automatically begin to load between 350 and 500 bottles each depending on container size and available space on site. If one conveyor lane is built back or blocked then the majority of the filler output is sent down the other conveyor lane and the accumulation table begins to store the balance.

The use of accumulation tables allows a filling machine to continue running at full speed for a measured period of time until a typical blockage or fault can be cleared. The accumulation tables are programmed to then gradually re-introduce the stored bottles into the production line without interrupting the output from the filling machine. Should the buildback re-occur before the accumulation table has completely emptied, the Isoma accumulation table again begins to load bottles until either it becomes full, or the buildback is cleared.

Two of the Isoma accumulation tables are currently in use on a high speed milk production line at a major UK dairy and they have helped to significantly increase the line production efficiency figures.

To date these tried & tested tables are being used in production on various size HDPE full bottles and cartons, proving the capability and adaptability to cater for a variety of container types & sizes.

On the success of the full bottle accumulation table, Isoma have now developed & manufactured an 'empty bottle' accumulation table. Five of these tables have now been installed at a state-of-the-art dairy facility, where the results have been impressive! Based on the principles and proven methods of the full bottle system, this unit has improved line efficiencies and greatly reduced filling machine downtimes.

For a smaller type of 'end of line' accumulation system, we also manufacture a Rotary Packing Table.

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