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Cocoa Bean Conveyor

The Isoma Cocoa Bean Conveyor is a fully enclosed, inclined belt conveyor, developed to feed loose cocoa beans from the exit of the sterilisation unit, up to the roaster infeed located at high level.

It was designed and manufactured as a fully welded stainless steel construction and enclosed throughout its length with sealed, safety interlocked doors.

The conveyor also incorporates a full wash down CIP system (Clean In Place – rinse, detergent and disinfect), to meet strict hygiene requirements required by the customer.


In order to achieve a more efficient roast, the process requires any excess moisture on the cocoa beans to be removed prior to feeding into the roaster unit.


Therefore a pre-roast drying system was developed and installed by Isoma, where hot air is ducted into the fully enclosed conveyor, in separate zones along the entire length.

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