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The standard Isoma 'S' bend side gripping de-elevator, sometimes referred to as a lowerator or inverter unit, can be used to transfer most bottle type containers and boxes from a high level conveyor system down to a low level conveyor system. The Isome de-elevator can also be used to invert containers for removal of any foreign bodies prior to entry into a filling machine.

The Isoma de-elevator not only inverts the empty bottles but also incorporates a clean air rinse and catchment tray to assist in the removal and capture of any foreign bodies which may have become lodged inside the bottles during storage or transport.


Isoma's side-gripping Elevators are suitable for the transfer of most bottle type containers and boxes from a low level conveyor system up to a high level conveyor system. 

Available in almost any height & width to suit your needs, the Isoma de-elevator/elevator is built within a fully welded, sturdy stainless steel framework, it's very well guarded and with proper use these units will give you years of trouble free service with only minimal maintenance required. The base of the de-elevator/elevator unit is shrouded in polished stainless steel sheeting to a satin finish and all access doors and end panels are covered with scratch resistant polycarbonate sheeting.

The guard doors incorporate an interlocked safety system and in-built blockage detection as standard. The side width adjustment system can be fixed, manual (with hand-wheel) or fully automatic for customers using multiple sized containers.

Typically powered by either 1.1kW or 1.5kW drive motors depending on the height of the machine. They can easily be integrated into the customer's existing production line equipment. The Isoma de-elevator/elevator can be easily programmed to run at various different speed and width settings to suit the selected container size & line running speed.

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