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Stacked Incline/Decline Unit

The stacked incline/decline unit uses the same reliable side grip system as our de-elevator/elevator units, but in this arrangement they're 'stacked' together vertically to match the conveyor in-feed & out-feed layout.  This also makes best use of available space, where separate units would simply not fit.

This type of unit is typically required where conveyors have to negotiate a tunnel bridge or access route for example.  As the title says, they can be custom built to suit either an incline or decline, accommodating the length and angle of slope to fit perfectly in place. As well as multiple stacked conveyors, this can also be built for a single conveyor line.

The unit has a fully enclosed stainless steel framework construction with clear perspex panels throughout. Safety interlocked doors in key places and maintenance access panels where required.

As an option, vacuum assistance can also be integrated into the conveyor system to maximise  stability, which is typical for an empty container.

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