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Route Selection Matrix System

The conveyor route selection matrix system is a solution to a product supply can you supply multiple product filling lines from any combination of supply sources within your production facility?


For example, an automated container supply/storage system or a blow-moulding plant, where a multitude of container/product sizes are required to feed any filling line. The matrix offers the flexibility to meet any production schedule.

The route selection matrix system uses a combination of automated divert/merge gates and vacuum de-elevator units to supply any filling line conveyor from any supply conveyor source.  This matrix is fully integrated into the  production line automation system, allowing quick and efficient product/size changes from one central control point.  All conveyor guide rail width adjustments within the matrix system have the option to be fully automatic.

A de-bagging machine can also be integrated into the routing matrix to supplement product supply, or as a backup in the event of any downtime/maintenance.  The de-bagger is situated at the back end of the matrix conveyors, with the ability to feed any filling line. 

Isoma Matrix Layout.jpg
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