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Trolley Washer

Trolley Washers are yet another example of the diverse range of products manufactured by Isoma. The company were asked by their customers to develop a trolley washing machine that not only cleans the trolleys thoroughly but also a reliable trolley washer that is built to withstand the everyday knocks and bumps that occur during the normal trolley washing process.

Isoma believe that the end result of extensive in-house trials and development is a trolley washing machine that is far superior in both build & design than a lot of the flimsy looking trolley washers that are seen in use on a lot of sites around the UK.

Three of Isoma's trolley washing machines have been in round the clock use on separate UK sites for many years now and the feedback on performance from the customers has been excellent.

Not only do Isoma supply the trolley washing machine itself, but they also custom make all the necessary infeed/outfeed trolley handling conveyor to suit customers individual requirements.

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