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Trolley Handling

The Isoma trolley handling system transports  trolleys or 'roll containers' from ingress into the production facility, right through to packing, using our Trolley Packer machines.  Our trolley conveyors are capable of handling both nested and singular formed trolleys, this can form part of a complete system, which could also incorporate a Trolley Washer unit, for example.

Trolley conveyors are of a robust, heavy duty stainless steel construction, with a central drive chain, designed to cope with a variety of roll container types.

The system can be fully automated and include a pick n' place module, which picks up a trolley off the conveyor using a magnetic head unit and then places it down for delivery on another conveyor route.

A typical application for this being the automated overhead delivery of roll containers into a trolley packer.

We also manufacture elevators and de-elevators for the transport of trolleys, these can be vertical or sloped type...built to customer specification.

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