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Trough Conveyor

The Isoma dry floor Trough Conveyor system overcomes so many long standing problems encountered with the traditional standard slat table top conveyor systems. In fact it's difficult to imagine why this conveyor is not widely adopted as "the standard" for any application where a dry floor is necessary or preferable. Gone are the numerous, unsightly, unhygienic and in the main unnecessary adjustable guide rail brackets which are often initially installed only never to be adjusted.

The container guide rails on the Isoma trough conveyor are incorporated into the pre-formed trough conveyor section being continuously smooth and unobstructed, consequently reducing potential container catch points, along with ensured low maintenance and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The conveyor is as the name infers built around a continuously welded watertight trough, in which the slat chain wear strip guides are mounted. Potential product spillage's can be contained within the trough section therefore avoiding the undesirable production area wet floor.

For many years the food & drink processing industry has fought the age-old problem of 'in-place cleaning' of standard open bottomed slat conveyor systems. Foam sprays, under-slung catchment trays and rigorous system strip down regimes have all proved to be unsuccessful or expensive in terms of labour costs. The contained section on the Isoma trough conveyor is an ideally designed environment for a high pressure, spray cleaning system (chemical or water based). This simple periodic spray or even total flooding of the internal trough conveyor body, can be guaranteed to ensure a remarkable level of conveyor cleanliness, even with the most aggressive of foodstuff products.

The words "hygienic" and "conveyor system" to date have never been considered in the same sentence. Well, anyone who has knowledge of the Isoma system will understand why from now on such statements will be possible. Another unique feature is that one side of the conveyor main structure can be removed for ease of maintenance and periodic slat chain removal. All drive motors, photo-switches, slat chain wear block guides and bearings are mounted onto the 'fixed side' of the conveyor structure, which in itself is a design innovation. The opposite side of the conveyor structure can therefore be easily removed to reveal the open trough section and exposed slat chain.

Would a total dry floor production area impress your supermarket customers? Would easily removable conveyor sides make conveyor maintenance an operative's responsibility rather than an engineers? Would guaranteed conveyor cleaning capabilities reduce your maintenance overheads? If your answer is 'yes' to any of these questions, then you must consider the Isoma trough system.


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