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Container Inverter

The Isoma container inverter unit uses the same reliable side grip system as our elevator and de-elevator units, but in this form the sole purpose of the machine is to invert empty product containers, in order to remove any foreign objects.


This unit is designed to be installed pre filler, and can be retro fitted into an existing conveyor system, or supplied as part of a complete new production line installation. 


For example, if the empty container supply side of a production line is all on one floor level, this inverter unit is the perfect solution, typically holding the container upside down over a two metre length whilst a filtered clean air rinse system is blown into the containers assisting in the removal of any foreign bodies which may have become lodged inside during storage or transport.  An integral catchment tray system captures any objects that are removed, preventing any further contamination of the containers, this process is achieved with no reduction in production line speed or efficiency.


​Constructed around a fully welded, stainless steel framework, with safety interlocked access doors and incorporating scratch resistant poly-carbonate sheet guarding, the Isoma container inverter can be supplied as a fixed width machine, or with either a manual or fully automatic motorised width adjustment system, enabling it to accommodate a range of different container sizes.

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