Cable Conveyor

Cable Conveyor, or rope conveyor as it is sometimes known is generally used for empty container handling on products such as plastic bottles and cans. The conveyor is not suitable for use with full containers, glass containers or in low level/wet areas. The main advantage of a cable or rope conveyor system is that a single 0.75KW motor can be used to pull up to 100 metres of cable conveyor offering considerable savings on installation, maintenance and power consumption.

Fully guarded cable conveyor systems have long been included in the Isoma range of products. One look at the Isoma cable conveyor system will reveal the obvious advantages of this unique design. The conveyor can be fitted with pneumatically adjusting side fitted guide rails for differing container widths and line control brakes to reduce container build back pressure. In normal conditions the nylon covered cable will last approximately 3 years on average before it will need to be replaced.

Does your existing cable conveyor consist of open turn disc bends, exposed cable, pinch points, open pulley wheels? With the Isoma cable conveyor system you cannot even see the return cable as the system is so well guarded. Manufactured in food grade stainless steel the Isoma cable conveyor system incorporates wide fitting, apexed roof dust cover with welded joints, continuously smooth joggled guide rails and large diameter turn disc bends. These standard features make the Isoma cable conveyor system truly impeccable for clean, safe and efficient empty bottle handling.
SCAIsoma is an accredited SAFEContractor company

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