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Isoma have always strived to remain at the cutting edge of technology with regards to their Computer Aided Design facilities. As well as producing comprehensive 2D production line layouts, detailed machine drawings and electrical & automation control schematics Isoma can also offer drawing services using the very latest in 3 dimensional design software.

Detailed 3 dimensional drawings can provide many benefits for both the customer and also for Isoma as a materials handling equipment manufacturer. Using 3D design for new product development allows Isoma to prove the functionality of a machine at the design stage, helps eliminate design errors, reduces the overall design time and also lowers product development costs.

It makes sense and is far more cost effective to design, simulate and correct an exact model on a computer than to build the real thing with mistakes that cost time and money to correct later! Once a machine or component has been designed in 3D by Isoma, the detailed images can also be animated to produce a virtual reality video of the finished product.

These animations can be used to show customers a working model of the finished machine and they can also be a very useful tool for training purposes. Any machine or component drawn in 3D can be assembled/disassembled step by step using 3D animation, which offers engineers a valuable insight into the make up of the machine.

Not only can these drawings & animations be used as a reference tool for customer's own engineering departments but they are often used as a means of gaining capital approval for a project. 3D design can make it much easier to explain the concept of a design or to show the benefits of a proposed project to a non-technical person within any organisation.

Isoma have a dedicated and experienced design team who can offer drawing and design services in both 2D & 3D. Isoma often provide these services to other manufacturers and suppliers to allow them to enjoy the many benefits of 3 dimensional design and presentation without them having to purchase licenses and pay for expensive training. Isoma will gladly provide printed copies of sample drawings or electronic copies of various animations for your reference.
SCAIsoma is an accredited SAFEContractor company

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